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Lauren headshotThe evidence is overwhelming. I’m guilty of a different way of thinking.

A lifelong ADDer and pop culture enthusiast, I launched Think Spin in 2009 during the dark days of unemployment in an effort to make sense of a world rattled by the stock market crash that knocked me off my feet.

Nine years later, my blog and I are still here and continue to make sense out of the chaos in the world around us and inside us.

Though Think Spin and I have gone through many changes over the years, we still follow our core beliefs: observing the ironic, iconic and often moronic events of everyday life and writing about them with wit and at times, a more serious perspective.

In addition to crafting blog posts, I write dark short stories, humorous and satirical essays as well as serious thought pieces.

I’ve had essays published in AtomicReach.com, ByLine Magazine, Extra Newsfeed, the Front Porch Syndicate, Huffington Post, InspireToThrive.com, MomBloggersClub.com, Publishous, and Sammiches & Psych Meds, to name a few. My noir short, “Priming Pamela,” was published in Shroud Magazine.

Please take a look at an excerpt from my memoir at Huffington Post and let me know what you think.

I am truly grateful you stopped by during your busy day and hope to see you again soon.

Thanks for listening.



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24 Comments About Think Spin

  1. avgjoegeek

    lol the tubes are definitely clogged with shit – it’s up to us individuals to try and break out with our own versions of liquid plumber to get through it all 🙂

  2. Phil Holtberg

    Hi Lauren,

    I just added your great blog and link on my blog! It’s in the “Bloggers I like and Read” page in my header and also on my Blogroll in the bottom left corner.


    1. Lauren

      Thanks Phil!

      I haven’t been around lately. We went to Florida this past weekend and then it was busy when I returned to work on Tuesday. Breathe I’m going to catch up on my blogging this weekend.

  3. Chandra Faught

    It is very rare these days to find blogs that provide information someone is looking for. I am glad to see that your blog share valued information that can help to many readers. Thanks and keep writing.

    1. Lauren

      Thank you so much. I’m tired. Had a weird day. Your comment is an incredible emotional lift. It will be the catalyst that keeps me tapping the keyboard.

  4. Donald Jackson

    If you want to see the mind blowing article with real facts and figures, this has really tremendous impacts on readers and I admire the writing skill of the author.

  5. Kate MCkann

    I happened to be tremendously pleased to discover this web site. I would like to thank you for this well-written article. I certainly delighted in every small bit of it as well as we’ve bookmarked you to look into new stuff from your post in the future!

  6. Glenn

    I have been following Lauren since her first posts, and while her blog as transformed its look over the years, her humor, attitude and sharp wit as stayed on point. I believe we both started our blogs for the same reason, unemployment. While I sold my blog off, years ago, I am happy Lauren kept hers going and growing. So for me, Think Spin is as comfortable as my favorite pair of worn out jeans.

    Cheers to the next 5 years of Think Spin

    1. Lauren

      Hi Glenn,

      I can’t begin to express my gratitude for your kind words. I really appreciate that you’ve been hanging with me all these years and reading my blog. Your words mean more to me that you can imagine.

      Thank you again for being a regular reader and for saying such nice things about me and my blog.

      I’m glad you’re back! I love the new site. I guess not that new.



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  8. Diana

    Lauren, I find your blog very informative. I think it is a great idea blogging. I want to do this, but I have no time. You’re a big fellow that made ​​the site. I appreciate you. There are a lot of blogs, but information there is unnecessary. It is hard to find what you need. Your blog helps people to understand things differently. Tell me please, how much time do you spend on writing posts?

    With best regards, Diana.

    1. Lauren

      Hi Diana,

      I’m not a fellow. lol!

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Sometimes a blog post can take a day or two to write because I let it sit after finishing a draft. Other times, writing a post can take several hours. I write slowly. It helps to have a headline or idea before I start writing. I write extemporaneously. I keep my editor switched off while writing the first draft.

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