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How I Found Love in the Subway While ‘Homeward Bound’ After a Concert

One night while clicking through hundreds of channels of crap, I unclenched the remote to stare at faded footage from a 34-year-old concert in New York City, as the song, “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” lulled me back to a Saturday in September when Simon & Garfunkel performed a free concert on the great lawn in Central Park…
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When Your Significant Other Gets A Significant Diagnosis

My husband, son and I sit in the urologist’s waiting room. It’s New Year’s Eve; a skeleton staff runs the office. I hope it isn’t a prognostic metaphor…

After several minutes, a nurse appears and herds us off to a conference room…
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Asperger’s Is Not a Cheese

Having an older sibling with minimal brain dysfunction heightened my awareness of my son’s early childhood development. During the toddler years, my “Spidey sense” kicked in when I saw Son walk with his head tilted right at a ninety-degree angle…
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Is My Avatar Fat? And Other Things To Worry About Online

Thanks to technology now you have to worry about your online reputation in addition to the one on earth — two reputations to stress over when one is enough to set your brain on fire…
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What We Can Learn From William and Kate and the Woman Who Threw Her Prosthetic Leg

In case you missed the media frenzy on the coma box in your living room, Prince William and Kate were in New York City recently to hang out and see a play. But it’s not what they did in NYC that was interesting…
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How To Think Like a Writer

Are you a “within the lines” kind of thinker? Are you afraid to let your thoughts wander outside the perimeter?

Imagine what life could be like if your thoughts had no boundaries — if you could transform a dull moment into an adventurous romp in your head — and think like…
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Blogging in an Evening Gown

Blogging on a WordPress site feels so formal. I have to put on a fancy dress to write, while on a Blogger blog, I just throw on a pair of jeans.

Excuse me as I readjust my push-up bra. Better, but my Spanx is so constricting…
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How to Say Goodbye to Summer

As another summer heads to the airport, my thoughts head back to 1982, when I was a secretary in the Artist & Repertoire (A&R) Department at CBS Records and the song “Goodbye to You” first aired on the radio.

Six months earlier, I said hello to my then-future husband, Jim…
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Oh, the Places You’ll Go Online to Find a Job!

I awaken to another mythical day, waiting for my alarm clock to break out in song. It snores instead. Nothing has changed. I’m still on unemployment time…
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The Attention Deficit Trap

I’m a 57-year-old misfit who rightfully earned the nickname “ditz” at one point in my life, because I tend to zone out in the middle of a daydream.
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