My Lawn is a Toilet.

ODE TO DOGGIE EXCREMENT My mutts pee on the lawn killing the grass, er, weeds that proliferate amid all things green, now a paler shade of yellow-green, slipping between the cracks on the brick pathway and inner circles, er, holes of the garden. Walking the lawn is dangerous to shoe-sole survivors of Doghau concentration camp… Continue reading

Dog Park Tales: A Day in Poo Land.

Image by dullhunk via Flickr / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Warning:  Humans suffering from highbrow humor disorder, irritable wit syndrome, or sensitivity to john jokes (not hookers or brother-in-laws) should not read past this line. Just remember. You were warned! BEFORE DOG CRAP BECOMES SHOE SPLAT. A trip to the local dog park, where free-range… Continue reading