My Handbag: An Over the Shoulder Dumpster for My Crap.

LIST OF ITEMIZED CRAP.  Consumable Goods:  6 Promo Samples of Melon Bubble Gum   1 roll of Mentos 4 Granola Bars.  They look like this  (but fully clothed)   ▼ ▼ ▼ Image via Wikipedia                      Anti-Diarrheal Pills (after ingesting all the above)  Food-Related Items: (twice removed)  3 Spoons 4 DayQuil LiquiCaps $1.94 in change… Continue reading

More Planes in the Sky – Less People on the Ground.

Caution: Low Flying Planes Image via Wikipedia  A letter in support of more commercial flights over quiet bucolic communities.  Dear Editor, A recent FAA directive rerouting flights from major city airports over suburban areas is a much-needed public initiative. The directive will greatly improve the lives of neighborhood residents by keeping people inside away from… Continue reading

APB out on missing muse! BY-NC 2.0 Officer: Description of Muse? Me:        I’m drawing a blank. Officer: Height, weight . . .? Me:        I’ve got nothing.   This is a repost from November 2009; dedicated to Kathy, an extremely talented blogger, the brains behind The Junk Drawer, and author of the recent post “I Lost My… Continue reading