Degrees of Insanity.

Image via Wikipedia In eighty-degree heat, my son graduates with an associate’s degree. He moves on to a four-year school.We move on to find our chairs.We sit. Nearby, a baby cries.Make that ten babies. At the podium, the speaker is a board chair.I’m bored in a chair. Same thing, sort of. In the audience, a… Continue reading

Next Exit Past Asylum Street.

Image by Robert Dalgleish Copithorne via Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 On the road, Mom, Dad, and son head to college admissions. We’re watching all the signs. Just passed Asylum Street. A warning. On the shoulder, a discarded sneaker left standing.Farther down the road, another sneaker on its side. Where are the feet? I… Continue reading