To Do or To Don’t

Here I go bouncing around in my head again.

Would have. Could have. Should have.

What to do first? How ’bout completing the “To Do” List from May 18th? There are still two items left. They just don’t disappear because you aren’t thinking about them. For God’s sake, it’s only two items — a ten page contest submission, with barely any words per page, and a simple revision of a short story that an editor wanted to see. What’s the big deal?

What stops you dead on your feet from taking two steps forward and completing an old “To Do” list?

Don’t give me the, “I’m bored,” excuse. That’s not professional. You think of yourself as a professional. Don’t you? Yes, I know you do. But sometimes you are a real baby. There. I’ve said it. Boo-hoo. Cry baby. Start focusing like a professional and complete the goddamn “To Do” list from May 18th. Today is May 27th. That’s more than a week overdue. Why create a “To Do” list anyway if you’re not going to do anything with it?

I’ve been down this road before with you, Id and Ego. Why can’t you three get it together? It’s not rocket science, or maybe it is for Id. Ego, on the other hand, never lets anything get in the way.

It’s probably all your fault, you. You let ideas lay in your brain like land mines. You’re afraid to diffuse them by tackling them. Jesus. It’s only an idea. It’s not a real mine but in your narrow microcosmic perception, it’s the friggin Hiroshima bomb.

Boom! Live with it! That’s the path you’ve chosen or that has chosen you. Get going! You can do it! Diffuse the bomb before it diffuses you.

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