Cyber Surfing Hound Got You Down?



The IPooch Can Help

Does a scene like this give you pause?

Does your dog run to check his e-mail as soon as you leave the room?

Now both of you can enjoy online time together. With the new IPooch from Apple, your dog can stay in touch with his canine chums and surf the web for that chew toy he’s been itching for. No more paperback snacks or hunting and bagging of lame duck shoes.

The IPooch is great to take on walks in the neighborhood. Google Earth can pinpoint the exact place your pup pooped if you’re not prepared. You can return later for the doo, so your neighbor doesn’t find it first with his shoe.

Take the IPooch with you for runs at the dog park. The convenient paw pad makes it easy to add that bitch he just sniffed to his address book. Need a French Poodle translation? There’s an app for that.

The IPooch comes with a monogrammed pooch pouch that hangs from the collar. For those unexpected river romps, there’s a waterproof pooch pouch, too.

Don’t be a bonehead. Get the IPooch from Apple and keep your dog on your lap instead of your laptop on your dog.

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