Blogging: Connecting to Readers via a T1 Line to the Heart.


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I had to get this off my sagging chest by writing this, shall I say, wireless blog post, that, hopefully, like a wireless bra, will be both uplifting and supportive, without any annoying restrictions – a way to raise the consciousness, as it were.

One day, when I wasn’t paying attention, I had a thought that mattered. One of those “wholly crap” moments. It wasn’t about life, politics, or the economy, which incidentally sucks. It was about blogging.


There is a reason why some blogs are successful and others are not. It’s the human element, stupid (like, it’s the economy, stupid . . . but I’m not calling you stupid.) – connecting to readers by being human and sincere, while also entertaining them.

Mrs. Blogalot brought up this very point in one of her posts, If a Blog Posts in the Forest.

Mrs. B was dead-on:

But then she (a blogger) asked what kind of posts she could write in order to get more traffic to her site…. and that’s when it hit her…

Coming to me was a complete waste of time.

Because I felt it was the truth, I told her that what each blogger posts is a very personal thing. Something that only she could decide.

Just swing by Stir-Fry Awesomeness, who gets an average of 70 or so comments every time she posts. Why? – Because she is honest, real, and funny as hell. We, as readers, want to know what happens next in her life because it is a mini-soap opera, told in an incredibly entertaining fashion. The Screaming Me-Me is another blog as is Confessions of a Reforming Geek, Unscripted Life, Man-Over-Board, Mrs. Blogalot, who I mentioned earlier, Ziva’s Inferno, Quirky Loon, Redhead Ranting, Speaking From The Crib, Virtual Synapses, Bonehead, and I Do Things So You Don’t Have To, to name a few. No specific order. Just mayhem as usual. I hope I didn’t leave any one out. There are so many great blogs out there. Apparently, I did leave someone out. Thank you, JD. Here’s another addition to the fabulous blog collection: The Junk Drawer.

Each of these blogging microcosms draws an audience because they offer something unique to their readers. And their readers get something back in return, an emotional connection with the blogger and an ability to peer through a window into the blogger’s life via an entertaining platform that relies on humor or candor, or both, and at the same time, is also well-written – which is key.


While kicking back on your couch on planet earth, channel surf the 300 stations of crap on your television and notice the shows that make you stop. Wendy Williams is one. She is wacky, honest, and talks to her audience like a girlfriend. Regis is another because we want to see what Regis says or does next. He always says what’s on his mind like Wendy does. When you watch Wendy or Regis, you see their vulnerabilities, their humanity, and feel a connection to them.


Unlike the 300 stations of crap you have on your television, in the blogosphere, there are billions of amazing travel spots to explore. Just contact your blog travel agent a.k.a. Google. The list of all-inclusive blogging getaways is endless and the cost is cheap in comparison to a real vacation. What’s that anyway?  Although, in cyberspace, you’ve only got five seconds, if that, to grab a vacationing mind’s attention before it gets bored and hurtles away to the next blog-stop on the Internet highway.  Don’t be the one to let it get away.

Why do you read a blog or watch a particular show? 
This inquiring mind wants to know.


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14 Comments Blogging: Connecting to Readers via a T1 Line to the Heart.

  1. Ziva

    I loved this post. Very thoughtful and so true. And thank you, I feel truly honored to be on the same list as those wonderfully talented bloggers. Also, you left out yourself from that list. 😉

  2. ReformingGeek

    I'm with Ziva. How nice to be thought of this way. Yes, please include yourself.

    I do like your point about a blog being well-written. Repeated misuse of grammar and misspelled words is annoying.

    I like a blog that gets my attention quickly. I feel the same way about a TV show or movie.

    I also prefer blogs that are easy to read and don't dive too deeply into religious or political issues unless that is the purpose of the blog. An occasional rant along those lines is OK, though.

  3. Lauren

    Thanks Ziva. One of the things that I really enjoy about your blog, besides the great content, is the fact that you write really well, i.e., See RF's below comment.

    RF: Thank you. I hope I didn't make any grammatical mistakes. : )

    Your blog is always a pleasant surprise with Evil Twin (great shtick), your athletic feats (don't fail me now),and your interesting/humorous insights on life.

    I agree with you about preferring blogs that are easy to read. No one wants to walk down a path that is covered with underbrush.

  4. Kathy

    I tend to follow blogs that make me laugh. I'm not really looking for anything that makes me think too hard. I think hard enough at work. And it hurts.

  5. Mr. Stupid

    Wow. This was a great post. I have come across most of these blogs. These guys are all really talented and write great posts.

    Have a good day…:)

  6. Lauren

    Kathy: You also have an incredible blog. You are sooooo funny.

    I can so relate to the head hurting issue, although I just lost my job so that might not be a problem for a while.

    Reading really complex posts can be torturous. My eyes tend to blur when looking at lots of words.

    Mr. S: Thank you so much. You also have a great blog. You really connect with your readers. Your blog is honest and real.

    I don't know if I'll ever be able to think as deeply as this again. : )

  7. JD at I Do Things

    Wow, thanks so much for the shout-out! And in the company of some awesome bloggers whom I quite admire.

    Tho I'd never heard of Stir-Fry Awesomeness, and am on my way to check her out.

    I noticed Junk Drawer Kathy commented, and you responded. Her blog is definitely one I'd include on your list. She's not just smart and funny but so very relatable.

    Thanks again!

  8. Lauren

    Hi JD: Thanks for the suggestion about adding Junk Drawer Kathy to the list, which I've done. I love giving shout outs and will continue to do so.

  9. Sara

    This is so true, and I adore both Stirfry and SFTC.

    I love a blogger who embraces her (or his) faults and isn't afraid to look stupid.

    Gets me every time.

  10. Lauren

    Sara: Well put. So, it all comes down to a blogger's/writer's vulnerability, ergo a T1 line to a writer's humanity or in the book world, a novel with a third person POV vs. a omniscient POV. "In the head" vs. "out of the head" a.k.a. connecting with a character in a story vs. connecting with a story.

  11. Bonehead

    I think today the most difficult thing to do is hold someone's interest – and that's whether you're writing a blog or programming a TV station. With all of the clutter out there vying for our attention – you have to feel especially good if people do more than just stop by and move on.

    Double digit comments, to me, are always a sign of a great blog – seems to be no shortage here – so your connection seems secure!

  12. Tracie

    I'm so flattered! Also, I'm not familiar with all of the blogs you mentioned. I'll be checking them out.

    To answer your question, my favorite blogs and tv shows are ones that make me laugh. I'm simple like that. 🙂

  13. Lauren

    J: Yes, it's all about rising to the top of the pile of clutter. Thanks, but I don't always enjoy a double-digit day. Not like my friend Tracie.

    Tracie: Honestly, you are an amazing writer and never fail to entertain. Please do check out the other blogs. I know you'll enjoy them.

    I agree. Humor is a great way to escape.

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