On the Blog Menu: Blank Footer, Not Frankfurter

Last week when my right footer disappeared, I thought my blog had been hacked. It turns out that my blog was hacked by me.

Yes, I accidentally deleted a footer text box from my blog and then couldn’t find the text widget in the layout. I think the problem was due to a photo gallery plug-in I had installed. I think it muscled its way into the template and took over the widget territory once run by law-abiding HTML.

Late 20th century plug-in

Power plugs

Power plugs (Photo credit: kewl)

After several days of searching the Interwebs for “missing footer text,” I finally found a comment at the WordPress Support site about a photo gallery plug-in that didn’t play well with other plug-ins.

So, I beamed back to the dashboard and deactivated the gallery plug-in. Presto! The text box reappeared along with my sanity. Now, I’m trying to remember what buttons I had installed under footer-4. I wonder if Google knows.

Oh, and can somebody please tell me how to get rid of that obnoxious Babylon search engine that lurks inside the PDFCreator toolbar. I deleted the toolbar, blocked Babylon under “Options,” checked to see if it was a Firefox addon (it wasn’t) and it still returns at every search like a weed. And you know how I feel about weeds.

I honestly don’t know how many hours I spend searching for shit I can’t find.

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25 Comments On the Blog Menu: Blank Footer, Not Frankfurter

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  2. Comedy Plus

    You have so many issues with your blog. Oh wait, issues with almost everything. Keeps the rest of us entertained though.

    Have a terrific Silly Sunday. 🙂

  3. Pingback: Karen Woodham

    1. Lauren

      LOL! I’m surprised I was able to figure out some of this tech stuff. I only lost three days of my life searching for the answers. A small price to pay for earning zilch from blogging.

  4. Pingback: Lisa

  5. babs (beetle)

    Once was a time I was totally on top of this sort of thing. I was a web site designer, for goodness sakes! Now I know nothing. Things change too quickly and I can’t be bothered to keep up.

    I often find a plugin that looks really good. I install it and then get pointed to a configuration page. I stare blankly, go back to my plugins page and deactivate. .

    1. Lauren

      Staring blankly … I know that look. : ) I hate wasting time trying to figure out stuff that’s not one of skill-sets. HTML, Chinese, it’s all Greek to me.

      Thank God for deactivate.

  6. Nicky

    You need to talk to Mike. When I run across things that I think our blog should have, or things that appear but shouldn’t, I call or email Mike and he makes it happen or not happen. This way I never EVER need to use words like widget, plug-in or deactivate. He can’t do anything about weeds though. You’re on your own there.

    1. Lauren

      Thanks. That would have prevented three days of hysteria. I hate saying widget and plug-in. They give me the willies as do weeds, which I was in for three days.

    1. Lauren

      It can be soooo frustrating. Tech issues are the last thing I want to deal with in my free time. I’m glad my frankfooter is back, too. LOL! At first, I thought Colonel Mustard had something to do with it after it had gone missing. Clearly, I was wrong.

    1. Lauren

      It’s so frustrating dealing with technical issues when I’m trying to write a post. Blogging is heaven, but it also can be hell. I loved your hot dog post and rating system.

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