Can three clueless morons live together without screwing things up?

 Watch the comedy web series Gentlemen’s Dwelling to find out.


“The Champagne Of Web-Series”

Starring Ben Leasure, Joe Lankheet, and Zach Stasz

Directed By Giles Sherwood. Written By Joe Lankheet


Follow the misadventures of three clueless morons, Donald, Louie, and Crantz, as they try to make sense out of . . . anything.

Lacking good judgment and unable to grasp the meaning of the word simple, the three intellectually challenged roommates have a knack for creating chaos out of every situation.

In the first episode, New Roommate, instead of loaning brother, Donald, $35 to help him pay his portion of the rent, Louie comes up with the brilliant idea, “Let’s get a roommate!“ So, they invite their weird neighbor Crantz to move in with them.

I’m not a fan of bathroom humor but thought the episode was funny, though some of the flashbacks could have been shortened or eliminated, which was the case in the second episode, Sherry Baby – I thought was funnier than the first and didn’t have any flashbacks or bathroom humor.

I recommend that you check out all six episodes of Gentlemen’s Dwelling. The writing is strong and the scenes shot with excellent production value and direction. The actors have great chemistry, as well as great comedic sense. I can see this series continuing a very long time. It’s fun and like creeper weed, gets stronger as it percolates in your brain.

Here’s what others are saying:

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen the first three episodes of Gentlemen’s Dwelling, now’s your chance at

Short episodes with maximum yuks, just the way you like ’em.

*Sigh* They just keep getting better and better. Love you guys!!



Gentlemen’s Dwelling Trailer

Weekly 7 min. episodes posted at 12 a.m on Wednesdays.

Nest shows: October 17th & 24th, the last show of the first season.

Watch the first six episodes free at with one quick commercial beforehand.

More episodes airing in November. The second season debuts summer 2013.

If you like tee-shirts, you’ll love Gentlemen’s Dwelling tee-shirts.

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