Blog Armageddon

I Got Hacked – Excuse My Appearance

I’m having technical difficulty and am working on the problem.

Not me personally because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

Some pages on my blog may look odd or unappealing.

More odd or unappealing than usual.

Please be more patient than I am.

I’m at Defcon 4!

In addition to dealing with Blog Armageddon (which is way above my pay grade), my dog is scratching at the door because I locked him out. He didn’t get the memo that this is a no barking zone.

At the foot of the memo, in 5-point type, I’ve included a disclaimer about suffering from cognitive dissonance due to acute malnutrition.

I don’t know if I’ll ever eat again.

Perhaps my husband will spoon-feed me Jell-O.

Oh, that’s the dog and I’m hallucinating.

None of this is real.

In an hour or two, my post and I will likely not be here.

Both will have exploded.

You might even see a white screen.

It happened last week.

No need for a med adjustment or to fine-tune your display.

It’s just my effing blog!

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    1. Lauren

      I hired a website to clean things up. They’re fixing the site as I type and then will monitor it. It costs around $39 per year. They were recommended to me by BlueHost. They’re called

      Apparently, there were viruses on my PC that enabled the hacker to get my log in information. I had Norton but according to this website security company, Norton is easy to hack. So, I dumped Norton and installed Avast free on my PC.

  3. June O'Hara

    Cognitive dissonance causing malnutrition….LMAO. You should be a therapist! With all of your tech tribulations, maybe your clients would spoon you Jello…..

    Love when you dish about technology.

    1. Lauren

      Thanks June. It’s been an interesting couple of days. I opted for chocolate instead of Jell-O.

      Oh the irony of it all. I have to confirm on my own blog that I am not a spammer.

      1. June O'Hara

        I so get that, Lauren. I have Word documents that I can’t edit because I don’t have permission from the owner. Same with saving files to certain places. Thing is, I am the owner. (Seems self-evident, but clearly it’s not.)

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  5. injaynesworld

    This is exactly why I stay on Blogger. We’re too pitiful for any hacker to bother with. So sorry. Hackers should be sent directly to hell where they will be forced to sit in a room and listen to Sarah Palin for all eternity.

    1. Lauren

      I tell you, Jayne. This has been the biggest waste of time. Last night after I got off the phone with BlueHost, I just stared at my computer for an hour. Then, I drank a beer.

      I hired a website security company to clean my blog and monitor it. Clearly, I wasn’t meant to be the CEO of a blog.

      Sara Palin would definitely be the perfect sentence, or in her case, a run on sentence.

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  7. Sue Neal

    Hi Lauren,

    This must be every blogger’s worst nightmare – I thought I had a problem the other day when some weird script appeared on my site, but it turned out I just had a plugin that couldn’t cope with the latest WordPress update. After a few minutes of blind panic I was able to resolve the problem by disabling the offending plugin – BIG sighs of relief all round.

    Can’t imagine how I’d cope with getting hacked – I’m so grateful to you for writing about it and sharing details of how you’re getting it fixed – I’ve got that website bookmarked!

    Hope you’re sorted now – and that husband and dog are still both in one piece!


    1. Lauren

      Thank you. I’m glad you were able to resolve the problem.

      Everything back to normal here. Now, I’m working on resolving some plugin issues of my own.

      It never stops!


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