Something Dark for Halloween


Searching for Heaven

The wind blew Rita’s hair into her eyes and mouth as she stood facing gray hanging sky that blended with the asphalt parking lot below. Misguided dreams and hopes of infinite possibilities would end here on the roof, with her shoes firmly planted on the edge of the precipice. No more dress rehearsals. She had plenty of those. It was time to say goodbye. With her prized Gucci purse slung over her shoulder and a card stapled to the strap that said “Rita Minerva’s purse” prevented any doubts of ownership.

Harold would be upset, of course. More than upset. He would be apoplectic, but he would get over it just as got over his addiction to cigarettes. Maybe that’s all she was, an addiction.  She smiled. How ironic that a bottle of Valiums lay inside her purse beside a beautifully penned note she wrote on a personal card left over from her wedding. She used the cards sparingly over the years in order to save them for special occasions.

She drew in a breath of frigid air, checked her watch and then the parking lot five stories below. The others would break for lunch soon. Again, she smiled. She loved irony. “Oh, well,” she said, closed her eyes, leaned forward, and allowed gravity to grab hold of her, dragging her down with the wind, and cold, and red tinted shadows that streamed against her inner eyelids until she met a formidable, unyielding force. A wallop of pain, like shards of shattered glass, splintered her skin and reverberated throughout her body, hurtling her into an endless drift of darkness.


30 Comments Something Dark for Halloween

  1. Ron

    Okay, I gotta say Lauren, this had me riveted to your every word; not knowing where you were going with it.

    BRILLIANT ending! OMG…I had CHILLS!

    Well done, Lauren. WELL done!


    1. Lauren

      Oh crap. I didn’t mean to encourage her. Can you put her in a cage or lock her in the basement? Bad idea. Then, she’ll just scratch at the door.

  2. Rum Punch Drunk

    Oh my days, what happened? And I hate to guess. This is scary stuff, and tonight I shall hear the words Lisa Lisa as soon as the lights are turned off. 🙁
    A really gripping read mate.

    1. Lauren

      hah! Thank you! I’ve got to start writing more dark stuff. Since I started blogging, I haven’t refined several dark stories that I’ve written.

  3. Nicky

    I will never be able to go down into my basement again.

    Hey wait, the laundry room is down there… THANKS LAUREN!! You’re the best! 🙂

    1. Lauren

      Thank you!!! I’m glad you stopped by.

      I try to avoid basements during rain storms and septic tank backups. Actually, we’re supposed to get a storm on Friday. I hope it’s not a nor’easter. Lately, we’ve been getting them once a year.

  4. Perry Block (

    Read this before, the first time you published it.
    Absolutely terrific! Effective from start to finish, not a wrong note anywhere . Could be an episode of a show like Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Really, really good work, Lauren!

  5. Brenda

    Edge of chair read.. you had me from the start, hated for it to end, but also relieved because I found myself hold in my breaths. Love when this happens… Excellent.


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