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Many of us didn’t choose to become writers. Writing became us. It is an intricate part of who we are that inspires us to become better writers and therefore better people.

Writing is therapy, a self-motivating, actualizing process that helps us understand the world and ourselves, by observing then assessing from a creative perspective. It is a way to get to the truth, to uncover things we don’t want to see, and then report our analysis with words that hold a reader’s attention.

You can’t fail when you write.

You can only learn from your mistakes and mistakes are how we evolve. You can fool yourself into thinking there is nothing more to learn. That you know everything about writing you need to know, but you’d be deluding yourself. When you stop learning, you become the opposite of what a writer is — a passionate observer, an inquisitive seeker with an insatiable lust to learn about the world and ourselves, always searching for ways to perfect our craft and crystallize our perceptions.

Writing is a gift that should be embraced, not dismissed. It allows you to observe the world from the creative platform in your head, and then describe what you see with words. If you try to turn off the creative spigot, you’ll lose an intrinsic part of you. On days you don’t write, your mind will overload to the point of dysfunction. You’ll become cranky and restless. Life will look dull, and you’ll lose your visceral connection with the world.

Fear appears in many forms: failure, insecurity, commitment, criticism.

Don’t give into the impediments of creativity. You were always meant to write, to create something from nothing, to air thoughts that intrigue you, that if you don’t express, will haunt you.

Not everyone will agree with what you say, which should be expected and accepted, but do not write for fear of others criticizing your work or your point of view, would be an injustice to yourself. If you write for acceptance, your words will hit the page with a thud, and you will disappoint yourself and distance your readers.

Whether your goal is to publish your words or purge your thoughts, if you stop writing, that invisible appendage that’s an extension of you will always feel like it’s part of you.

Don’t let the moments slip by that others miss. You were meant to catch them.

17 Comments Why Writers Write

  1. Jen

    I struggle with most of these every day, and yet I still write – the hard stuff, the scary stuff and often the fun stuff. This is a good reminder that it isn’t easy, it shouldn’t be, but it is a worthwhile and necessary thing.

    write on!

  2. Laura

    Wow what an amazing article. It touched me deeply. Failure is inevitable but we can learn something from every failure.
    Thanks Lauren for sharing this article.

    1. Lauren

      Thank you! As Jen said, writing is a daily struggle. It’s always been a love/hate relationship for me. Only a writer would understand the torture that comes with the gift.

  3. Susan Telford

    I write to make sense of the world and my place in it. I write to untangle the briars in my brain and take myself to that truest deepest part that knows the truth. I can obsess about things for ages, but writing takes me out of my mind and into my soul. Yet, I often resist the process!
    I love your image of catching dreams!

    1. Lauren

      Thank you so much, Susan. I’m so glad you stopped by and appreciate your kind words.

      How are you doing with the Intentional Blogging course? I still have several modules to complete.

      1. Susan Telford

        I still have several modules to complete too! Over the weekend, I put up an about page and set up email subscription. I only have 1 subscriber (me!) but you have to begin somewhere!

  4. steniya stephan

    Your Title is interesting, I just scroll the page then I notice your title, so I fully read your blog, from the bottom of my heart it was an awesome experience, you mention all feelings of a writer. keep going thanks for this blog

  5. Saeed

    Why writers write is a question that sparks curiosity and introspection, and your article delves into this fascinating topic with clarity and insight. Exploring the motivations behind the creative process offers valuable perspective for both aspiring and seasoned writers alike. Your exploration of this subject sheds light on the diverse reasons why individuals are drawn to the art of writing, inspiring readers to reflect on their own passion for storytelling. Thanks for this thought-provoking discussion


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