Halloween Christmas Light Fusion


Christmas Lights in October – Preposterous!  Ludicrous!  Daft!

Who would consider such a notion? It’s a holiday faux pas. You can’t mix and match the holidays.

But what if you can? What if you could hang Christmas lights on Halloween – red or green or multi-colored Christmas lights – combined with the fun and fright of October’s most creative night?

When I think of Halloween, I think of characters and cartoons. No one knows cartoons better than Disney does. They know how to crank up the fun on Halloween. But if you’d prefer to use your noggin to conjure up your own Halloween fun, imagine the possibilities of a Halloween Christmas light fusion. Here www.christmaslightsetc.com/christmas-lights.htm are the gadgets and gizmos for creating your homespun Technicolor production.

Put some pizzazz in a pumpkin: switch out that combustible lackluster flame for a snazzy chromatic Christmas light.

Your jack-o-lantern will be the coolest and safest in the neighborhood and won’t bake before the night is done unless you want pumpkin pie on Halloween instead of Thanksgiving.

Dress up a doorframe, primp up a picket fence, trim the candy bowl and table with red and green Christmas lights. The neighborhood kids, moms, and dads will flock to your door.

So stock up on colorful candy and ornamental bulbs.

Drape cobwebs across the front porch and in the front hall then embellish the look with the iridescent glow of Christmas lights. Turn a spider web into a flashy disco.

After all, Halloween is a time of frolicking fun. It’s like wearing your online avatar in the terrestrial world.

It is the perfect occasion to unleash your imagination.

Create a crown of battery powered flashing lights and wear it on your head then go trick or treating. You will amaze your friends. You’ll be the Pied Piper of Halloween, a beacon in the night.

Don’t stop there. There are more holidays to mix and match.

Build a snowman on the Fourth of July.

Give your mom an Easter Basket on Mother’s Day and then make her an egg soufflé.

The holidays bring us back to the innocence of childhood and the imagination that embodied our youth.

Don’t let it go! Let it glow! Brighten your life with blinking Christmas lights!

17 Comments Halloween Christmas Light Fusion

  1. Agent 54

    Wow! Talk about thinking outside the Jack-in the-Box. Amazing,,,or

    Are you taking a hatchet to centuries of tradition that help define our culture?

    Or,,,am I making way way way way tooo much out of the fact that some people are too lazy or preoccupied to take down their Holiday decorations in time for the next Holiday?

    Is this a case of someone creating drama where there really is none?

    Only time will tell.

    1. Lauren

      You make a great point about not taking down Holiday decorations. This is the perfect solution! There’s drama everywhere. I’m usually the cause of it.

    1. Lauren

      Better get started on the souffle. LOL! Oops, you missed your opportunity. I guess it’s never too early to plan ahead.

      Thanks. Glad you liked the post.

  2. Phil

    Hey, why not I say? After all, the Halloween ads start in summer, Thanksgiving in Sept, and then Christmas day right after that. There really is no standards anymore.

    Personally, Halloween is my favorite and wish we could celebrate it once a month! Candy and slutty costumes for everyone!

    1. Lauren

      Why didn’t I think of that? A landing pad with Christmas lights for the aliens. LOL! I bet Evil Twin contacted them with the horns on her head.

  3. Brenda

    I am known to celebrate my birthday. Note, I don’t age I just celebrate. I don’t subscribe to the notion of nine holidays a year or why it has to be green and red lights in December and orange in October. I like the idea of having a birthday month and Christmas in July. Sometimes we need a little holiday magick on a random day in July.

    1. Lauren

      What’s a birthday?

      I’m definitely with you on needing holiday magic on a random day in July.I could use a little magic today. Maybe I’ll celebrate Festivus. Damn. Where did I put the pole?

  4. Marlyn Selvester

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