30M2DW III Day 3 – Temporary Insanity


I crossed over the threshold into the kitchen and looked at the bulls-eye I mentally etched across his chest.  “They told me you were here.”

“Today’s my last day.” He fidgeted with a broken handle on a drawer. “Look. About that thing. It was a mistake,”  he said. “It meant nothing.”

“It never does.” I took one step closer.

“I can fix it … the handle.  It’s not much but … I thought… Maybe, I could give something back.”

I groaned.  “It’s only been — It doesn’t matter. I’ve got something for you.”

His jaw clenched when I stuck my hand inside my jacket pocket then relaxed when I removed the iPhone I gave him on his last birthday.

“How did you get my phone?”

“You left it in your car again.  This vile thing you texted her with.”

I rushed past him to the garbage disposal. When he tried to grab me, I smacked his hand away. “Don’t! If you touch me, I’ll file a battery charge. You can’t afford another on your record.”

“Please. I screwed up. I was drunk.”

Another familiar purge of rancid words. I flipped the switch on the disposal, a rumble of blades echoed across the room as blood drained from his face.

“That’s why I got kicked out of the firm. And it was bullshit. I can’t believe you actually injured yourself to hurt me. You need help, Gail. Let’s talk about this.”

“No! Let’s talk about Phyllis, Karen, Sarah and Jess. A history of infidelity stored in gigabytes on your phone.”

“Just give me this one. I’ve got most of my stuff in a U-Haul truck parked down the street. I’ll be out of here in a minute.”

“I deleted your backup,” I said flatly, and rested the phone on the guard that protected the drain.

“I know.” He whispered. “It doesn’t have to be this way.” Sweat beaded across his brow. “Please don’t! My life is on that phone”

“I know!” and shoved the phone down the sink, a cacophonous swell of grinding flooded the room, healing my heart and soothing my soul.

He slumped forward as his breath hissed from his lips like an impaled balloon.

I laughed, then shot him.

I’ll get off with temporary insanity. It worked before.


I’m participating in Nicky and Mike’s annual writing challenge, “30 Minus 2 Days of Writing,” a.k.a. 28 days of torture. Today’s prompt is Temporary insanity. I’m a day behind!

Please stop by We Work for Cheese to link up and read the manic writing of other bloggers participating in this challenge.


16 Comments 30M2DW III Day 3 – Temporary Insanity

    1. Lauren

      Thanks Meleah.

      I love writing stories about psycho serial killing women. I once read a Lawrence Sanders novel about a female serial killer who killed during her period. Definitely a believable premise.

  1. Rum Punch Drunk

    Stop giving women ideas Lauren! I’m sure there’ll be a few thinking about it during the Valentine weekend, ha ha ha. What Judge will allow you to get away with it twice? Just think, you might end up in one of the mental asylums for a very very long time 🙁 A place where you will really end up insane.

    I really enjoyed reading this post.

    1. Lauren

      You’re right. This might be the perfect Valentine’s gift. LOL!

      Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. I’m reducing my time online so I can work on a short story and other writing projects. I get so overwhelmed at times when I’m online. It messes up my head. Have a great weekend! I’ll be by your blog shortly.

    1. Lauren

      Thanks a lot, Ashish. This month has been insane so far. I can’t believe it’s only the second week!

      I really need to cut back on blogging to get any writing done. I feel terrible for not keeping up on my commenting. I’ll get back on track soon.


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