Are You A Moody Blogger?

Do you post at the same time each week or when the light hits your computer at a certain angle?

Light includes both natural and unnatural lighting — a flashlight in the event of a power failure.

Instituto de la Grasa, Sevilla

Instituto de la Grasa, Sevilla (Photo credit: Colt Group)

I blame my posting irregularity on ADD and a lack of bran. If only I could pick a day of the week to publish a blog post and write it in blood on my calendar…hypodermically speaking, that is.

But the project manager in my brain is organizationally challenged. She tends to veer off schedule; her work screeches to a stop, and she is forced to make an illegal u-turn, losing time and papers in the process. I often find my to-do list in the refrigerator while foraging for food. Another cold case solved when I reach for the milk and find a list of expired tasks.

Since my project manager can’t think and blink at the same time, my doctor gave me a pharma crutch; a prescription for Concerta, which helps me stay on task, once I find the task, but doesn’t include directions for getting there.

Concerta is like eyeglasses for the brain, without the frames. It crystallizes your focus and gives you 20/20 thinksion. And like glasses, Concerta doesn’t make you smarter. It makes you appear smarter. So I’ve got one smart-looking brain.

Though the power of focus is an invaluable trait, in the wrong hands it can be Kryptonite for the brain, an intractable weakness known as super hyperfocus — when you become so obsessed with the shiny objects on your computer screen, you forget to eat or pee, which is great for the stomach, bad for the kidneys.

On most days the shiny objects on my computer screen lead to shiny objects online, and I forget why I turned on the computer in the first place … oh, to write a blog post, which illustrates my point.


60px (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t stick to a schedule or a topic. My focus is as changeable as the Teutonic plate beneath L.A.; though an aftershock from one of my seismic mood shifts can last for weeks. That’s when I know it’s time for a digital detox. I unplug from the Internet and reconnect with mother earth who, lately, has been bitchier than I am.

During a digital detox, I flush my brain of “too much information” —  tiny bits of data residue that drifts like flotsam in my mind — and engage in one cognitive activity at a time.

If I get an idea for blog post, I scribble it on a piece of paper, then later create a Word document, with said title of blog post, and put it away for another day.

Over time I realized that it’s useless to write a blog post when my head is clogged with “too much information;” I can’t shift my passion into gear because my thoughts are stuck in a rut.

It has always been my nature to seek information, a strength that quickly turns into a weakness when information gathering becomes obsessive. I’m an all or nothing type of gal. There is no middle ground — Just ground, a place for me to plant my feet until my mind clears, and I re-plug into the Internet and the process starts all over again.

 Are you a moody blogger?

25 Comments Are You A Moody Blogger?

  1. ReformingGeek

    I lost you at “Bunny!” Weeeee! I am now attempting to draw a cat on my notepad. Wait. There’s a bird outside. That window sure is dirty. We really need new blinds. Squinting. I need to get my eyes checked. Mammogram first.

    Um, what was I saying?

    1. Lauren

      I know! It’s all so distracting.

      Just finished watching the first season of “The Returned.” What an amazing show. The U.S. version “The Resurrection” sucks.

  2. Bryan G. Robinson

    No. No, I’m not moody. I post every Sunday. Otherwise, it depends on my mood. 😉

    Oh, hey, I did figure out that Author Box thing and there is a free version of it if you want to give it a test spin. Only thing I don’t like so far is I’d like more ways to customize it but maybe if I get the paid version, it will do that.

    1. Lauren

      Hah! I really should set a deadline for myself each week. It’s the best way to get things done.

      Yes, I will definitely invest $10 in the upgraded version. It offers much more than the free version.

      Btw, Bryan, check out the TV series “The Returned” on the Sundance channel. It’s in French with English subtitles. Very creepy and well written show. My husband and I just finished watching season 1.

      1. Bryan G. Robinson

        I’m still waiting on the paid version because I realized some of my posts don’t really need an author box, quote posts for example or video posts. It’s not my content so what do I care if my name is there?

        I think The Returned is on Netflix now…I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

        1. Lauren

          You’re welcome. “The Returned” is compelling. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

          With CommentLuv, if someone places the cursor on my name, my bio pops up. I need to reread what the Author’s Box is.

          We just dropped Netflix. Every disk we received kept jamming up during the movie. My husband had to keep wetting the disk to get rid of the smudges. We never finished watching “Texas Buyer’s Club,” which we enjoyed. I have to write a letter to Netflix.

          1. Bryan G. Robinson

            We got rid of discs a long time ago, but not for those reasons, mainly because we had enough to catch up on with streaming. You should see the conclusion of Dallas Buyers Club when you get the chance…even if it’s from Redbox. Excellent movie. Okay, I’ll go leave you alone and let other people comment now. 😉

  3. Rum Punch Drunk

    I normally like to post at on a particular day because it gives me something to aim for. I like things to be neat and tidy with a bit of order otherwise my brain sees pure chaos everywhere. But I have experienced times when I look out the window, and my mind gets pre-occupied with life outside the computer world.. 2 hours later I can’t remember what I was doing. Maybe it’s just down to my age 🙁
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. It’s been lovely and warm over here (slight miracle).

    1. Lauren

      Hi RP.

      I hope everything’s okay with you. I agree with “keeping things neat and tidy.” I need structure and was more productive when I was working 9-5. My schedule is different all the time since I have been underemployed. I need to set fixed points in my week.

      Enjoy the warm weather. It’s warming up here, too. I think in a week or two, it will start looking like spring.

  4. Cheryl

    My brain is a really strange mess of ideas and things I want to share but when I open a new post, I freeze. I wish I could blame it on ADD or TMI-overload but it’s just fear that keeps me from posting.

    1. Lauren


      When I’m afraid to write a post, I sit down and start typing ANYTHING. Usually, I can find a truffle among the dirt. But just pushing something out there, whether it’s crap or semi-crap, is a win-win! Getting past the fear is more important than writing a great post.

  5. Ron

    Lauren, it was so awesome to see your post on feed reader this morning because you have been very missed!

    And can just tell you (as I have in past comments), I LOVE your style of writing!

    “If I get an idea for blog post, I scribble it on a piece of paper, then later create a Word document, with said title of blog post, and put it away for another day.”

    HA! I do the same thing! In fact, I wrote a couple ideas down on a piece of paper last night, while I was watching a movie and sipping a glass of red wine. If I don’t write them down immediately, they totally leave my mind.

    I post on a regular schedule (Mon-Fri) because for me it seems to always jump-start my inspiration to come up with something to share. I’m the kind of person who if I don’t set a posting schedule for myself, I wouldn’t do it. Plus, if I should ever write professionally, I’ll have deadlines to meet, so I think of it as training.

    Glad to see you back, Lauren! Enjoy your week!

    1. Lauren

      Thank you so much, Ron.

      I can be a bit long-winded at times. : )

      Setting deadlines is smart and the best way to attack posting. My problem has always been achieving a balance between writing, blogging, my personal life and now fighting a cell tower in my neighborhood, which takes a lot of energy and time. It’s impossible.

      If I could devote more time toward blogging, I would set a deadline for myself each week. Because of your incredible warmth, sense of humor, regularity and style, you are a fixed point on my blogging reading list.

      Thanks again for your kind words.

      Have a great weekend! Enjoy the balmy weather.

  6. Brenda

    No I am not a moody blogger. I try to post once a week, and my topics very depending what pops in my head. I would love to keep a regular schedule, but like many of us working writers, I fit my writing around my life, or my life around my writing. My bigger projects take precedence over blogging. I am a moody social media maven..

    1. Lauren

      I think once a week works for me, too. Lately, I’ve been devoting most of my energy to cell tower emails and articles I’m trying to get published. My area has been fighting Town Hall in addition to AT&T. We’ve got a bunch of sleazy politicians running my town. I guess that’s pretty much the norm.

  7. Cheryl P.

    While I do schedule one day a week to blog (Tuesday) it never fails that something happens to be a distraction. At our house if something is going to break it is most likely to happen Monday night.

    I appreciate bloggers that just blog when they have an inspiration and have the time and will to post. Often, I feel that those that post daily (or even on a set schedule) must at times feel pressured to come up with a topic despite the fact, they aren’t in the mood. Of course, maybe others are always in the mood and never run out of ideas.

    1. Lauren

      : ) “…if something is going to break it is most likely to happen Monday night.” Damn Monday!

      I agree that posting daily or regularly is more pressure than I could bear. Then, I’m exhausted and usually lion around.

  8. Karen Woodham

    I have to say, I post up on my blog quite frequently, but a lot of the time I am in the “mood” and thy all go down in to draft via the WP App on my tablet, but then comes the time to finish them all off and theat’s really when I have to be in the mood to do that, sometimes the TV in the other room is just to tempting to watch 😉

    1. Lauren

      It’s really hard to post frequently. I’ve never been able to post more than three times a week and that was a long time ago. Life usually gets in the way.

      What’s a WP App?


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