I Don’t Care


July MoonThe sun shines down on my hair,

But I don’t care.

The blue behind the clouds

Is darker than allowed,

In the sky swiftly drifting by

Without a whisper for me,

Planted on my knees in the weeds,

Ripping roots from the dirt.

Toils of desperation

Smears sweat across the hurt

Of nothing to show from the extraction of a menace

That knows no limitations,

Exponentially grows faster than I can purge from the ground.

One down, fifty more plus turns the grass brown.

In the quiet tired of late day introspection,

Lost in the sacrosanct moment of regrettable decisions,

Where murky thoughts float through air

Into shadows, then nothing is there,

Slipping into dark, in a quickly ebbing day.

But I don’t care.


23 Comments I Don’t Care

    1. Lauren

      hah! I definitely think dandelions are alien spores. We don’t have the proper equipment to eradicate them here on Earth.

      I don’t really know my Garden Hose. It lies like a snake in the grass until it’s ready to hose me.

  1. Brenda

    This kind of feels like my to-do list.. I am not able to cross items off the list as fast as I would like, and when I do something goes back on. I don’t care…..but I do. It’s a good thing I am the controller of the list and allowed long execution times. Far too serious I know, but I was up too late writing. On another note, beautifully stated.

    1. Lauren

      Thank you!

      Maybe that was my to-do list. : ) Surreal lists never disappoint.

      I can’t stay up late anymore. I fall asleep at my desk around midnight. I used to love writing late at night. It’s the best time to smack the keys. Only if they’re bad! Mostly I praise them.

  2. Rum Punch Drunk

    Those weeds are a right menace to society. They are the dreaded things that give you backache. No product out there will get rid of them. It’s like evil lurking around and just when you think all is clear, there pops up 10 more.
    “I don’t care” because I don’t have a garden anymore but I do feel for you all. Pull out those suckers Lauren.

  3. Phil

    I’m like you. At my parent’s house I just go nuts and tear them out of the ground.

    If that doesn’t work I pull out the handy dandy flamethrower.

    I don’t care what the fire department thinks.

    1. Lauren

      I’ve got to get myself a handy dandy flamethrower. : ) We don’t have fireplugs around these parts. Good time to start taming Agent 54’s hose. That doesn’t sound right.

    1. Lauren

      Hah! When I’m in a shitty mood, I go deep. As I like to say, “Better deep than deeply in pain.” Two years in a row I got sciatica after pulling weeds. This year we put down poison to kill the fuckers. That didn’t even kill all of them. They are truly alien spores!

      Cleaning gutters is a godless job and also dangerous. When you’re standing on a ladder, I think worrying about falling is the thought that lingers in your mind.


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